Meeting MACRA’s call for care coordination through better communication

Finding the right method for care coordination is a strong step toward meeting the performance categories demands of new quality programs such as MIPS. Read...

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Shhhh…Solving the problem of blaring alarms with clinical communication alerts

An intercom broadcasts a fast, high-pitched alarm for the rapid response team (RRT). Clinicians across the hospital hear the alarm while carrying out their jobs....

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Improving clinical communication across the care continuum

Providers face a range of complex challenges brought about by healthcare’s fragmented cottage-industry structure, which inherently creates departmental communication barriers and critically hinders care team...

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Nine best practices to build governance standards for care team communications

Effective care team collaboration is essential to each healthcare organization’s transition to value-based payment models. Implementing secure communications technology supports a standardized process for patient...

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Value-based care elevates the role of the registered nurse in primary care

As health care continues its shift from a volume to a value focus, new payment models emphasize the need for expanded primary care access, effective...

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