Be Part of Real, Meaningful Change

Spend time on most companies’ websites, and you’ll see many of the same things – a challenging work environment, good pay and benefits, a group of team players, a culture of innovation, pictures of people having fun at the company picnic.

At PerfectServe, we have all that. But, we can offer you so much more.

We sit at the intersection of healthcare and technology, and what we do is vitally important. Healthcare, and making it better, is a national priority, and always will be. And applying the right technology to solve the communication challenges of clinicians will make us all healthier and happier.

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Our Values

Service – PerfectServe people are here to serve, not to be served. We do whatever it takes to serve our customers, our investors and each other.
Contribution – PerfectServe people are here to make a contribution. We direct our efforts to the results of the organization at large.
Responsibility – As PerfectServe people, we are responsible for ourselves, our actions, our development and the results of organization.
Dignity – PerfectServe people are creative, trustworthy and capable of making decisions. We can expect to be listened to, understood and respected.
Waterline – PerfectServe people consult and seek advice because we know that, as an organization, we are all together in the same “boat.” We know which decisions-should they go wrong-risk putting a hole below the waterline, rather than above it.
Passion – As PerfectServe people, we strive for excellence in our areas of expertise. We want to become the best at what we do.
Joy – As PerfectServe people, we can expect to experience an inner joy that comes from making a contribution through the creative use of our skills, knowledge, decisions and fulfi lling our responsibilities.

The Meaning of PerfectServe

We’re sometimes asked where the name of the company comes from. We’re not claiming to be perfect – we’re human, after all.

The “Perfect” comes from a sense of completeness:


And the “Serve” speaks to what we do for our clients


What we do is the definition of “meaningful”

Few places will give you the opportunity to literally make the world a better place. We do that every day.

Imagine that you, your child or your parent urgently needs medical attention. Seconds count. Lives hang in the balance.

PerfectServe enables the care team to connect clinicians quicker and more effectively. To accelerate care. And that saves lives and improves outcomes. That’s what “meaningful” is all about.

That means we stress quality, ownership and accountability

What we do is literally changing the face of healthcare. At PerfectServe you’ll find an atmosphere of quality, ownership and accountability that’s made us successful and indispensable to our clients. That means we’re getting it right.

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"We have a great responsibility to get it right, every time."

Phil Woods
Business Analyst

Incredible energy

Combine what we do with the people who do it, and you’ll find an energy level here that’s unlike anywhere else. We work hard, are committed to our clients, to each other, and to our mutual success. Don’t be surprised when the end of the day rolls around and you think, “Wow, time flew by today – I can’t wait to come back tomorrow.”

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"The energy level at PerfectServe makes it a place I want to go to work every day."

Stewart Jeremiah
Software Development Team Leader

Fun is part of the package, too

Our high energy level also applies to making the workplace electric and fun. You’ll see people smiling and swapping stories as they go about their days. People laugh, have fun and keep things moving, even in meetings. Yes, in meetings.

And, we encourage a healthy work-life balance, and take the time to enjoy life with one another. Co-workers become friends, sometimes friends for life. And we certainly have our share of entertainment, from the office fantasy football league to events like our recent ‘80’s day. Big hair optional, of course!

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"Many of my colleagues have quickly become friends, as well as co-workers."

Melinda Brock
Hospital Implementation Consultant

PerfectServe is an Equal Opportunity Employer.