Readmission Risk Reduction

PerfectServe’s Readmission Risk Reduction feature can help you avoid readmissions that impact costs and financial reimbursement.

Communicating with patients after discharge

Lowering patients’ risk of readmission is a leading goal for hospitals, payers and individuals. Unfortunately, calling on every patient after discharge can be incredibly time-consuming, and it doesn’t allow you to focus on those who need it most.

With PerfectServe’s Readmission Risk Reduction makes it easy to connect with patients after discharge.

How Readmission Risk Reduction works

Readmission Risk Reduction uses a simple diagnostic that’s tailored to your organization’s requirements to quickly assess a patient’s treatment plan adherence and likelihood to readmit.

Here’s how it works:

Shortly after discharge and periodically throughout their recovery, the patient automatically receives a procedure-specific diagnostic to assess progress and ensure understanding of the treatment plan.

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