HIPAA regulation: The challenge of integrating compliance and patient care

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The expansion of communication technology within healthcare organizations involves great promise and great risk.

Keeping information flowing and the right people connected at the right time creates potential for more effective patient care and population health management.

But a greater number of moving parts also means greater risk. With personal health data moving at greater frequency through an increasing variety of digital channels, the complexity of communicating in a secure manner as mandated by HIPAA regulations is on the rise, as is the risk to the confidentiality and integrity of patient data.

While the complexities of compliance—and the penalties for breaches— are daunting, the true challenge of HIPAA regulations for healthcare organizations is to integrate security compliance into their overall goals of providing high-quality individual patient care and improving population health management. Secure communication is mandatory and vital for patient confidentiality, but it is not intended to be a barrier to high-quality, efficient care.

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