A nurse’s guide for successful care transition and handoff communication

Care Transition White Paper

“In its simplest form, ‘care transition’ is defined as a hospital discharge or movement from one hospital care setting to another. The risk that readmissions pose to patient safety requires that transitional care processes are constantly under evaluation and scrutiny. And nurses, who are the crux of transition communication, have an increased opportunity to improve good outcomes and reduce adverse events.

Nurses are the key communicators and collaborators in the coordination of patient care, and they are the care team members best equipped to coordinate a successful transition. The bedside nurse, for example, may already have a good idea of the patient’s future needs as he or she travels through the care continuum. And when those needs are communicated effectively, the nurse is given the opportunity to extend to the patient high-value care beyond organizational boundaries.”


In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • What to specifically include in each care transition handoff communication to prepare the patient and new care team for success,
  • Why medication communications are especially important and best practices for successfully communicating the most important details to the patient and/or the new care team,
  • The best tools and resources to create an effective handoff communication strategy,
  • And more

We’ve also included a printable handoff communication checklist that you can copy, modify and keep with you to ensure you’re always applying best practice techniques to your care transition process.

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