Creating a high-performing practice


Physician practices are at the vortex of rapid changes in health reform. Keeping pace with compliance regulations and payment models, coupled with increasing focus on quality measurements, requires time devoted to operations that otherwise could be allocated to patient care delivery. In this time of turmoil, what operational components are vital to maintain value-based care for patients now and in the future?

Valora Gurganious, MBA, CHBA, Partner, Senior Management Consultant, Doctor’s Management, will offer assessment methods to help practice administrators and physicians:

  • Detect hidden obstacles that hinder workflow efficiency
  • Deliver high-quality care while optimizing reimbursement and containing costs
  • Optimize care team efficiencies and improve scheduling with technology and performance improvement methodologies
  • Understand, via real-world case studies, how to improve overall practice operations



Creating a high-performing practice

March 30, 2017


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