Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging

PerfectServe facilitates real-time and worry-free, HIPAA-compliant texting and voice messaging between physicians, nurses and other members of your care team.

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Simple and secure clinical communication

PerfectServe makes care team collaboration as easy as sending a text message.

With an interface designed to look, feel and function like a traditional text messaging app, the PerfectServe platform combines the familiarity of texting with the security of third-party data encryption.

PerfectServe fully encrypts your data and stores it in the cloud, so there’s no locally-cached message content or other PHI, minimizing your HIPAA-compliance risk.

Ease of use

To send a secure text message, simply find who you’re looking for in your organization’s contacts, click on his/her name, type your message and hit send.

It’s that easy.

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Know when your message is read

With PerfectServe, you never have to wonder if your text message has been read. Each message is timestamped with the time it was sent as well as the time it was read.

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Use your own device

PerfectServe lets you manage all mobile clinical communications from a single device: your smartphone.

With PerfectServe, there’s no need to purchase a separate piece of hardware. Just download the free PerfectServe app from your smartphone’s app store.

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Cloud-based architecture

Securely store data in the cloud

PerfectServe’s cloud-based architecture keeps your sensitive communications secure and lets you communicate with your team, no matter where you are.

Every time you access message content and other PHI through the PerfectServe app, that information has to be downloaded from the cloud, eliminating on-device storage.

And since all your data is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about a data breach if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

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