Secure Messaging

Secure Texting and Beyond for Care Teams

PerfectServe’s secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging empowers clinicians to text any care team member—nurse, physician, patient, family member, PCP—plus anyone in your referral network. Care teams thrive with one centralized communication app for secure bidirectional texting, attachments, video, and voice messaging for all.

Connect Across Locations

Reliable connectivity is essential to timely communication and care delivery. Provide your clinicians with secure video, voice, and text messaging that works well everywhere, from the ED to radiology and from the hospital to their group practice. Our cloud-based solution can connect with both clinicians and patients on and offsite, offering ultimate reliability.


Access on All Devices

Another factor of reliability is device-agnostic functionality. Whether a clinician is using a smartphone, tablet, pager, desktop computer, or landline, your communication solution must be easily accessible. PerfectServe’s secure messaging allows care teams to connect using any device and supports EHR embedded messaging, mass alerts, and live wave forms.

Did we say EHR embedded messaging?

That’s right, EHR/EMR embedded messaging allows clinicians and nurses to chart patient data in real time. Patient care is improved when data entry takes place as near to the care event as possible, yet care teams without PerfectServe tend to stay after shifts to do charting because they don’t have seamless access to the EHR during patient care. Improve patient care and clinician satisfaction with one stone—EHR embedded messaging.


Dynamic Intelligent Routing® for Accurate Message Delivery

With more than two decades of experience solving complex clinical communication workflows, PerfectServe’s advanced routing delivers secure messages to the right person at the right time every time. Our solution adjusts in real time to changes in on-call schedule, provider preference, and other dynamic factors.

Integrations Elevate Communication

One of our biggest differentiators from other HIPAA-compliant texting apps is our support for key integrations. For example:

  • Integrating provider schedules with our workflow engine prevents errant messages from disturbing providers when they’re not on call.
  • Integration with the EHR provides patient lists and real-time charting.
  • Nurse call integration allows nurses to respond to patient requests from any location.
Messaging Integration

Rapid Delivery to the Right Recipient

To reduce door-to-needle times and act quickly on critical lab results, the right physicians must receive critical notifications immediately. But what happens when the recipient is unavailable? The message must be rapidly auto-escalated. PerfectServe’s Dynamic Intelligent Routing automatically ensures messages are acknowledged by the right person who can act in a timely manner.

Success With PerfectServe

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