PerfectServe rated a top-performing platform vendor in KLAS report for care team communications

Knoxville, TN

November 1, 2016

PerfectServe®, healthcare’s most comprehensive and secure care team collaboration platform, announced today that it was named as a top-performing, fully rated platform option for care team communication by the KLAS 2016 Secure Communication report.

The KLAS report released Nov. 1 examines the solutions having the biggest impact on care team communication and how interfaces and usage affect that impact. It explains that though platform secure communication companies do not yet offer complete platforms, vendors are moving toward the enterprise-wide communication platform with functionality connecting core areas of hospital workflow.

PerfectServe is the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive clinical communication and care team collaboration platform, including both web and mobile applications for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The enterprise solution specifically targets care team communication and collaboration obstacles that degrade care. Its single-platform architecture transcends geographic and organizational barriers to drive collaboration across all modalities, care settings and stakeholders.

According to the KLAS report, provider customers reveal PerfectServe can have a positive impact on care team communication due to good vendor guidance. In fact, 96 percent of the surveyed respondents affirm PerfectServe is part of their long-term care team communication plans and would buy again.

A sampling of PerfectServe user comments credit its high functionality adoptability and multiple uses designed to improve physician and interteam communication and collaboration:

“PerfectServe has a prescriptive, enterprise-wide approach to implementation. This customized process helps customers get buy-in from non-clinicians and adopt the solution for multiple use cases across different departments.” For this very reason, PerfectServe users report a high level of functionality adoption for desktop messaging/user interface and mass notifications over other vendors.

A clinical informaticist stated that PerfectServe “saves a lot of steps in tracking people down; the physicians respond quickly to it. It is just a wonderful solution. When we need people, we are able to get ahold of them quickly. For surgery, that is very important because events happen and rooms get delayed, and we need to have communication with the staff. This app is a very good way to have communication.”

Three users point out PerfectServe’s benefits to physicians and routing of calls to the right people at the right time. 1) “PerfectServe has significantly improved our communication. Our ability to contact physicians is much easier.” 2) “I continue to be impressed by the flexibility of the PerfectServe platform. It is amazing. It is very programmable. We have a very, very complex system, and it is capable of routing calls and getting calls to the right people.” 3) “…the PerfectServe platform has improved communication significantly. Our providers want to just sign an order and let the unit secretary facilitate calling the practice, but we said no. If the physicians want another provider to see their patient, they must ask that provider. The system has improved our interteam collaboration as well… we have been very pleased with PerfectServe’s system.”

“With this recognition we know that we are on the right path servicing the needs of health system leaders, many of whom are rethinking their technology infrastructure to increase more efficient care coordination and communication under a value-based reimbursement structure,” said Terry Edwards, CEO and President of PerfectServe. “We’re grateful to our customers who have evaluated our solution so favorably. Many are entrusting us with their strategic enterprise mobile communication imperatives including making their enterprise communications more patient-centric.”

About KLAS

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