Poor communication hinders population health management

Health IT Analytics

April 8, 2015

Effective population health management relies on the seamless, coordinated work of a multi-faceted care team, yet the majority of clinicians feel unable to communicate with their peers in a timely, meaningful way, according to a new survey from Harris Poll and PerfectServe.

Fragmented technologies, unclear workflows, and the burdens of HIPAA led more than ninety percent of clinicians to believe that interoperable, secure, mobile, communications, as well as a greater reliance on healthcare data analytics, are vital for building a population health management program that ensures high quality, coordinated care.

The widespread dissatisfaction and concern reported in the poll of nearly 1000 physicians, nurses, care managers, and other hands-on clinical staff reinforces the importance of good communications and the financial consequences of confusion. Not only do clinicians become frustrated when their time is wasted with irrelevant voicemails and unanswered text messages, but there is a measurable impact on the patient, too.

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