Healthcare Call Center Software

Better Healthcare Call Center Experience

Better for Operators

  • See who is on-call without looking at paper schedules
  • Reliable two-way messaging with 'Sent,' 'Received,' and 'Read' notifications
  • View patient care team members and send messages directly within the console
  • Team activations give agents a reliable way, via Quick Buttons, to instantly mobilize specific groups, such as stroke or STEMI response teams
  • Attach patient records to messages as an easy reference for physicians
  • Easily see call queues, active calls, parked callers, and call history
  • Powerful search queries to find the right physician in real time

Benefits of Cloud-Based Software

  • Deep dive discovery for integration and vendor consolidation strategy
  • Analytics to better manage human resources
  • Schedule updates propagate to all users (mobile, console, and call center)
  • Integrated schedules removes the need for manual double entries
  • Virtual call queues to manage resources across facilitates
  • Tangible ROI

Call Center Software as a Service

  • Increased reliability
  • Safe and reliable HIPAA-compliant call center software
  • Virtual, location-independent call queues for improved resource allocation
  • Automated updates and upgrades to reduce IT burden and costs

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Modernizing the Hospital Call Center

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Adding Value to the Healthcare Call Center Software

Call centers are the backbone of effective communication within hospitals and for patients and outside personnel. As more and more routine calls are automated, medical contact centers are evolving to become patient engagement centers. Seamless connections between providers and patients using multiple channels of communication improve the patient's experience and reduce costs, both of which have a positive impact on the bottom line.

PerfectServe's medical call center software is designed with these goals in mind. Our hospital call center software allows agents to see patient information from the EHR quickly, send a secure text message to their provider to get answers for any questions, or see if the provider is available to take the patient's call. The process is seamless, and agents can see when messages are received, read, and replied to, which closes the loop on message deliverability.

Powerful analytics help organizations better manage their human resources, ensuring enough staff are available during peak periods. By facilitating better communication, PerfectServe's HIPAA-compliant call center software helps your organization improve patient outcomes.

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