Hospital Medicine Scheduling Software

Learn how optimized and accurate schedules can minimize physician burnout, ensure care continuity, and accelerate speed to care.

Benefits of Provider Scheduling for Hospital Medicine

Easily set individual provider shift type preferences

Adequately distribute admitting and rounding shifts

Accurately schedule FTE providers for the correct number of hours and shifts

From equalizing night and weekend shifts to minimizing patient handoffs, our automated approach enables hospital medicine divisions to advance care coordination in this complex specialty.

Use Cases for Hospitalist Scheduling:

  • All providers work their admitting and rounding shifts in blocks of 7-14 days.
  • All rounding blocks need to be scheduled 3+ weeks apart.
  • FTE providers must work a set number of shifts per month.
  • Residents must work a set number of hours per quarter.
  • Evenly distribute weekend and night shifts across all FTE providers.

No schedule is too complex for Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt.

Embracing the true complexity of physician scheduling with technology that enhances administrators’ workflow is where the return on investment (ROI) is generated for healthcare organizations — where we find shift schedules that expand patient access, combat physician burnout, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

  • Staffing requirements
  • Time off requests
  • Shift equity
  • Varying FTE statuses
  • Other variables

Minimize Burnout for Hospitalists

Healthcare has faced some significant challenges over the past few years. Burnout rates have been at an all time high resulting in staffing shortages across all departments and specialities.

Provider scheduling solutions can’t fix staffing shortages, but we can automatically generate optimized, equitable and accommodating schedule for your providers and staff.

Ready to learn about the causes of clinician burnout, and how to minimize it?

Streamline Time off Requests in Hospital Medicine

Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt streamlines and simplifies the request management process. Utilizing a centralized location that provides transparency and efficiency for providers and administrators, individuals can submit a time off request or simply request to change shift times. Requests can also be auto-approved or required to be approved by an administrator depending on your rules.

The request management workflow reduces administrative burden, promotes provider work-life balance, and supports schedule equity for holidays and vacation time.