Anesthesiology Scheduling Software

Learn how optimized and accurate schedules improve resource allocation, increase efficiency, and promote patient safety.

Benefits of Provider Scheduling for Anesthesiology

Accurately schedule on-call shift rotations

Equalize difficult on-call shifts across providers

Easily rotate residents and fellows in and out of scheduling sequences

We understand that scheduling for anesthesiologists can be a time consuming and a complex process.

The challenges:

  • Maintain minimal staffing based on specialty certifications
  • Manage precise schedules across multiple locations, procedures, and physician preferences
  • Equitably distribute and space out on-call, weekend, and night shifts
  • Coordinate physicians, CRNAs, fellows, and residents

Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt enables the intricate rules and preferences of the anesthesia team to be implemented in order to produce a complete, accurate and optimized schedule.

Use Cases for Anesthesiology Scheduling:

  • Track and equally distribute the total number of weekend calls, holiday weekend calls, holiday calls, and Thursday calls.
  • During the ASA annual meeting, as many as 7 doctors can be out. On other days, only 5 doctors can be gone.
  • At least 2 pain doctors must be available (not on vacation).
  • First call slot does the last available call slot, second call slot does next to last available call slot. Available number of call slots vary depending on number of doctors on vacation.
  • At least one of four doctors on call must be a heart doctor.

Minimize Burnout for Anesthesiologists

Healthcare has faced some significant challenges over the past few years. Burnout rates have been at an all time high resulting in staffing shortages across all departments and specialities. Provider scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt cannot fix staffing shortages however, what it can do is auto generate an optimized, equitable and accommodating schedule for your providers and staff.

Learn more about the causes, solutions and prevention of burnout in PerfectServe’s Clinician Burnout Report

Streamline Time off Requests in Anesthesiology

Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt streamlines and simplifies the request management process. Utilizing a centralized location that provides transparency and efficiency for providers and administrators, individuals can submit a time off request or simply request to change shift times and requests may be auto-approved or they can require an administrator’s approval depending on the rules defined by the organization. The request management workflow reduces administrative burden, promotes provider work-life balance, and supports schedule equity for holidays and vacation time.

Improve Anesthesiology Case Management

Want to learn more about how to optimize your daily OR case assignments? Check out how to truly optimize your schedule by partnering Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt with AnesthesiaGo to support teaming and assign staff to the appropriate OR cases.