Complete, Optimized Provider Scheduling

Balance provider preferences with organizational needs and patient demand.

Healthcare’s Most Complete Physician Scheduling Software

Balance your organizational needs with our easy to use physician scheduling software and manage growing patient demand.

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Optimized scheduling workflows for:

For better patient care and improved outcomes.

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Research shows that ineffective scheduling contributes to burnout.

  • 42% – Nearly half of all physicians report experience burnout.
  • 7% – More than 7% of nearly 7,000 doctors had considered suicide in the prior 12 months.
  • $7.75 million – Stanford Medicine estimates burnout costs them at least $7.75 million per year.

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Providers with Optimized Scheduling enjoy:

  • Schedules built to accommodate provider preferences.
  • Access to real-time schedule updates anywhere, anytime.
  • A centralized request calendar with instant time-off approval.
  • Easy, online shift changes and schedule adjustments.
  • Even shift and call distribution.
  • Schedule transparency.
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Schedulers are doing their best.

Piecing together complex schedules is time consuming and ensuring providers’ requests are balanced with organizational requirements is a difficult task. Every department is unique—each having hundreds of rules and preferences to manage—and cross-departmental insights are often unavailable.

  • Average Administrator Time Spent Managing Schedules Per Year: 291 Hours

Reclaim schedulers’ time and achieve:

  • 90% Schedule Accuracy
  • Centralized Time-Off Requests
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Full Transparency
Physician Schedule on a Mobile Device

A solution focused on creating a complete and nimble schedule:


Single platform optimizing enterprise and departmental rules and preferences

Clinical Analytics

Real-time application supporting dynamic updates


Robust reporting for key metrics and indicators

Clinical Schedule on Mobile Device

Full digital access

PerfectServe Integration

Integrated with Clinical Platforms and IT Systems

Deliver the latest provider shift and on-call schedules to key clinical platforms and IT systems enabling advanced workflows and streamlined care team coordination.

Better Results

  • Eliminate Gaps
  • Speed Time to Treatment
  • Maximize Resources
  • Support HIPAA-Compliance
  • Meet Patient Demand
  • Boost Provider Satisfaction
  • Improve ROI
  • Reduce Liability
  • Accurate Communication
  • Create Complete Schedules
  • Increase Solution Adoption
  • Enhance Patient Safety
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