Send secure text messages to your patients

Reduce readmissions and engage patients and families with secure, HIPAA-compliant physician-to-patient text messaging.

Send and receive HIPAA-compliant text messages

Build strong patient-provider relationships and make communicating with your patients quick and easy with provider-to-patient texting.

From secure patient texting to appointments reminders and day-of-procedure support, PerfectServe helps you coordinate with your patients and empowers your patients and their families to be actively engaged in their care.

Cut appointment no-show rates by up to 50%

No-shows are frustrating and expensive. Make managing appointments simple and convenient for you and your patients with text message appointment reminders.

Our appointment reminder text messages have been proven to reduce clients’ no-show rates by up to 50%.

Reduce readmission risk by up to 30%

Staying in contact with patients after discharge is key to reducing readmission rates, but getting in touch with patients over the phone is time-consuming.

With PerfectServe, you can automatically send your patients a procedure-specific diagnostic to assess their progress and make sure they understand their treatment plan. If your patients’ responses suggest that they’re likely to readmit, PerfectServe will automatically alert your office to follow up with them.

nursing patient engagement

PerfectServe’s Patient and Family Engagement tool:

  • Reduces nurse’s follow-up workload by 22%
  • Improves appointment no-show rates by up to 50%
  • Reduces readmissions by up to 30%

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