Customer Communication FAQs

Lightning Bolt and CareWire Acquisition News

What is being announced?

What is PerfectServe’s ultimate vision?

You guys have made a lot of acquisitions in the past few months. How are you going to absorb this much change so quickly?

Lightning Bolt

Why did PerfectServe acquire Lightning Bolt?

What are Lightning Bolt’s features?

What are the benefits of the Lightning Bolt solution?

Are the original Lightning Bolt staff still with PerfectServe (has knowledge been retained)?


Why did PerfectServe acquire CareWire?

What are the advantages of CareWire?

How does this solution work? Is there an app?

How do you reach the elderly and lower socioeconomic patient population?

What does this acquisition mean for me?

How would my staff interact with the solution / how does it work?

Are the original CareWire staff still with PerfectServe (has knowledge been retained)?

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