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Save time. Get reimbursed. Mobile charge capture.

If you’re still using paper to document patient encounters and record diagnosis codes, you’re losing time and money. PerfectServe’s mobile charge capture puts the power to maximize your reimbursement right at your fingertips.

cellphone with PerfectServe app

At the current reimbursement rate, a physician who undercodes 1 level 4 visit/day could lose up to $8,393/year*

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Revenue cycle management that’s easy for everyone

Finish your appointment or make your rounds and use PerfectServe’s mobile charge capture module to enter accurate CPT and ICD-10-CM codes in just a few taps, wherever you are, even if you don’t have cellular or Wi-Fi access. Sync your device as many or as few times a day as you’d like and your entries go straight to your billing team.

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PerfectServe charge capture readies billing for MACRA & MIPS compliance with each charge entered

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Charge capture makes it easier for you to get reimbursed

Fewer missed charges, fewer reimbursement denials, more correct charges going directly to your billing team, flexible web-based reports that let you monitor your activities, and integration with practice management applications or ADT. PerfectServe’s charge capture makes it easier for your practice to bill and receive reimbursements quickly and correctly.

Bottom line? You'll realize more revenue and save time.

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Practice efficiency affects your livelihood now more than ever

With MACRA and MIPS compliance initiatives on the horizon and value-based healthcare on everyone’s minds, it’s more important than ever to run your practice efficiently and effectively. Use our infographic to learn how PerfectServe mobile charge capture can help with revenue cycle management, compliance and much more.

Customers love the ease of mobile charge capture

“Mobile charge capture has increased efficiency for our 38 physicians, as well as the back office. With the time savings, our back office staff who previously handled hospital charges has now been reassigned to collections.”

“We run a multi-specialty group for 10 physicians and 3 mid-level providers. Great support, totally customizable, very flexible and the ROI was real. We love this app!”

“We love this product. It has made a substantial impact on our bottom line, saving us thousands of dollars a month and improving our cash flow by reducing our time to bill from 14+ days to less than 24 hours.”

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