24/7 medical answering service

Your patients’ health is too important to risk the mistakes and errors associated with traditional answering services.

Find out how PerfectServe’s automated answering service replacement can make sure you never miss an important call or message again.

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24/7 answering, 365 days a year
Our automated solution delivers your custom message every time, day or night.
Manage complex workflows
With Dynamic Intelligent Routing®, even the most complicated incoming calls are made easy.
Easily manage schedules
No need to fax your schedules. Conveniently change on-call schedules on your desktop or mobile phone with the PerfectServe app.
Masked callback number
We keep your number private when you return patient messages.
Flat monthly fee
No hidden fees or unexpected services charges with PerfectServe. You get what you expect each month.
PerfectServe keeps your communications secure and protects personal health information from falling in the wrong hands.
Disaster-proof cloud security
Whether its a winter storm, hurricane, fire, or flood, PerfectServe stays live so that you and your patients are always within reach.
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Who we serve:

– Multi-Specialty – Gastroenterology
– Internal Medicine – Hospitalist
– Family Medicine – Obstetrics & Gynecology
– Nephrology – Pulmonary Disease
– Pediatric – Hematology/Oncology
– Cardiology – Urology
– Neurology – Otolaryngology
– Orthopaedic – Psychiatry
– General Surgery – Radiology

What makes us different

When a human-centric medical answering service lose messages, it frustrates your patients and your physicians.

PerfectServe’s answering service is fully automated and eliminates the opportunity for human error, so you never have to worry about missing critical patient messages or consult requests.

No more interruptions

PerfectServe uses your call schedule and each physician’s notification preferences to determine when a physician receives messages.

After hours, all non-urgent notifications are delayed until the next working day, so your physicians never have to worry about being interrupted with routine notifications during their time off.

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Receive all messages in one application

PerfectServe eliminates the medical answering service middleman. In real time, physicians receive messages from their patients directly on their smartphones, and it all happens in the PerfectServe mobile app.

There’s no need to manage multiple apps or try to remember different log in credentials. With PerfectServe, you can get back to what you do best – caring for patients.

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“I can’t say enough about how easy and enjoyable PerfectServe is to work with.”

Cara Bertone

Practice Manager, Southwest Cancer Center