Every call is important.

Don’t miss a single one.

Your patients’ health is too important to risk the mistakes and errors associated with traditional answering services.

Find out how PerfectServe’s automated answering service replacement can make sure you never miss an important call or message again.

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Never miss a patient’s message again

Traditional human-centric answering services make mistakes that frustrate your patients and your physicians.

Eliminate errors with PerfectServe’s automated answering service replacement.

Use your own device

Receive and respond to patient messages with your smartphone.

Delay non-urgent messages

All after hours, non-urgent notifications are delayed until the next working day.

Save money

Get a flat monthly fee with no variable costs or hidden fees.

Protect PHI

Protect patient PHI with PerfectServe’s answering service replacement.

doctor and nurse

“I can’t say enough about how easy and enjoyable PerfectServe is to work with.”

Cara Bertone

Practice Manager, Southwest Cancer Center

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