Customer Communication FAQs

Acquisition News

What is being announced?

Company Vision / Strategic Direction

What is PerfectServe’s ultimate vision?

Why is this change good for me?

Will you continue to support both platforms?

What leadership or organizational changes can we expect for the PerfectServe or Telmediq teams?

How are you going to integrate these solutions and make them work together?

What is the new brand for the company?

How will my relationship with PerfectServe/account reps change?

Do I need to be concerned about a lapse in the quality of our relationship with PerfectServe?

Will my fees change?

Which services/support will be cut?

Is the development roadmap going to change?


Why did PerfectServe acquire Telmediq?

Will I need to migrate to a new CC&C platform because of this acquisition?

K1 Investment Management

Why did K1 invest in PerfectServe?

Who is K1 and what are their mission, vision & values?

What are K1’s strategic intentions with PerfectServe?

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