Deliver real-time clinical communication and care coordination

Deliver real-time clinical communication and care coordination

Make timely, patient-centered care a reality with secure communication, powered by Dynamic Intelligent Routing®

Make timely, patient-centered care a reality with secure communication, powered by Dynamic Intelligent Routing®

Optimize nurse communication by unifying siloed technologies

Unify secure texting and voice calling, alerts and notifications, nurse call requests and more in a single collaboration tool. The patient’s up-to-date care team, including on-call providers, is instantly accessible via voice or text message. The application also incorporates alert and alarm notifications and nurse call communications to streamline and simplify the user experience. Prioritized notifications reduce unnecessary workflow interruptions, and message type-specific audible tones provide hands-free recognition of the nature and priority of the communication.

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Streamline healthcare communication to eliminate care delays and improve satisfaction

No more anxiety over accidentally calling the wrong on-call provider. No more calls in the middle of the night for things that can wait until morning. No more “lost” patient messages.

All calls and notifications are filtered through your workflow rules, call schedules and contact preferences, so only the right physician gets notified at the right time.That’s the power of Dynamic Intelligent Routing®.

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Collaborate with providers inside and outside your healthcare network

Cloud-based clinical communication software overcomes geographic and organizational barriers, reaching caregivers across multiple facilities and service settings. Facilitate physician-to-physician consultations and empower nurses and care teams to collaborate, no matter where they are located.

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Spend more time with patients using an integrated clinical communication platform

Wasting precious time with call schedules and outdated, single-purpose communication technologies is a thing of the past. Automated communication workflows immediately connect the appropriate care team members to save time and improve the quality of patient care. Clinician satisfaction also improves when they are able to connect with the right person on the first try, every time.

Improve engagement with HIPAA compliant patient communication

Empower your patients to be more active participants in their care in order to reduce no-show rates, lower readmission risk and improve management of chronic conditions.

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Choose a variety of mobile devices and smart phones

Collaborate from virtually any device, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, desktops, VoIP devices, landline phones, pagers and more.

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