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Streamline Your Inpatient and Outpatient Communications

Use the same PerfectServe app you use in your hospital for your practice. Enjoy a single directory and messaging platform, 24/7 answering service, and a complete view of your schedule.








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Keep Your Patients Happy

Enhanced practice communication is more than an after-hours call management solution; it provides a better experience for patients throughout every touchpoint 24/7.

  • After-hours instant video consults.
  • Pre-appointment patient preparation.
  • Post-appointment patient and family support.
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Stay Connected
With Colleagues

Implement the same efficient and agile communication workflows you use at your hospital, for your practice.

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging via voice, video, and text with attachments.
  • Streamlined inpatient and outpatient on-call schedules.
  • Automatic urgent message escalation.

Experience Work-Life Balance

Tune out the noise during meetings, patient conversations, and get some rest when you aren’t on-call.

  • Customize alerts for urgent messages.
  • Hold non-urgent and routine requests.
  • Mask your personal caller ID.

Speak to a specialist about modernizing your practice’s communication: