Effective Communication
is Critical During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly underscored the importance of effective and accessible communication for healthcare organizations.

Find out how PerfectServe helps healthcare workers stay connected with patients, families, and each other during a crisis.

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Covid Vaccine

Coordination of Vaccine Distribution

Coordinate COVID-19 vaccine distribution details with clinicians and patients.

Secure Text Messaging


Send secure messages and COVID-19 updates to patients and their families.

Video Calls

Video Calls from Anywhere

Initiate video calls from any location to facilitate remote interaction during COVID-19.

Virtual Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Enhance patient convenience and adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols.

Female patient with phone

24/7 Answering Service

Cloud-based solution protects patient access against impacts of COVID-19.

Scheduling Calendar


Quickly and easily optimize staff resources to accommodate COVID-19 fluctuations.


Coordinate COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution

PerfectServe can support communication and coordination related to vaccine distribution. With a timed double inoculation, coordinating patients and clinicians becomes all the more critical.

  • Communicate Distribution Details—Time, Location, Handoff Protocols—to Targeted Groups
  • Send Appointment Preparation Protocols, Reminders, Directions, Education Materials, and Other Information to Patients
  • Update Automated Answering Service Prompts to Relay Informative Messages
  • Match Staff Resources to Fluctuating Demand with Surge Scheduling

Patient Messaging

PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication solution allows healthcare organizations to quickly and easily send secure messages, updates, and other COVID-19 information to patients and approved family members.

  • Real-Time Procedural Updates for Family Members
  • Guidance, Reminders, and Education Sent by Text
  • Surveys to Assess Status, Satisfaction, Screening
  • EMR Embedded Messaging
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COVID Intake Video Chat

Video Calls from Anywhere

Facilitating seamless remote interaction is critical while the COVID-19 pandemic remains at the forefront. PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication solution allows providers to conduct video calls—both scheduled and ad hoc—for patient visits, family updates or virtual rounding regardless of location.

  • Accessible From Core PerfectServe and Telmediq Apps
  • Browser-Based: No New Apps or Passwords for Patient
  • Supports Remote Care Delivery, Reduces Infection Risk
  • Protects Providers’ Personal Phone Numbers

Virtual Waiting Room

Traditional waiting rooms can be melting pots for germs and bacteria. By allowing for mobile check-in, PerfectServe’s Virtual Waiting Room capability supports COVID-19 safety protocols while enhancing patient comfort and convenience.

  • Arrival Instructions
  • Patient Arrival Notification
  • “OK to Enter” Notification
  • Integrates with Scheduling/EMR/Practice Management
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Woman Texting on Couch

24/7 Answering Service

When live agents can’t operate due impacts from COVID-19, PerfectServe’s automated Answering Service solution offers the reliability and flexibility of a cloud-based infrastructure that is unrestricted by location or human operation. Protect patient access during the pandemic and deliver communication where, when, and how providers prefer to be reached.

  • 24/7 Call and Message Support
  • Provide Covid-19 Vaccination Information to Reduce Call Volume
  • Connect with the Correct On Call Provider After Hours
  • Auto-Escalation Ensures Urgent Messaged Addressed
  • Rule-Base Routing Ensures Accurate, Timely Triage

Surge Scheduling

As your staffing needs fluctuate during the COVID-19 pandemic, our rapid surge scheduling solution supports resource optimization. Generated schedules are balanced to reduce burnout and, flexible to allow new or redeployed staff to be added to any schedule.

  • Easily Manage New Staff
  • Deploy Across New Locations: Parking Lots, Repurposed Facilities
  • Launch in 48 Hours or Less
  • Pay as You Go: No Long-Term Commitments
  • Start/Stop Service as Needed
Schedule on Phone and Laptop
Woman giving man vaccine

Crisis situations like COVID-19 call for solutions that:

  • Offer Fast Implementation with Low User Effort
  • Have Flexible Service Terms and Use Cases
  • Support Remote Patient Care
  • Facilitate Real-Time Family Updates During Visit Limitations
  • Build Adjustable, Easily Accessible Schedules for Flex Staff
  • Reliably Connect Staff Across Locations

PerfectServe’s unified communication platform does it all, and we want to help.

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