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Clinical Communication Powered by Dynamic Intelligent Routing®

PerfectServe has more than two decades of experience solving complex clinical communication workflows to promote care team collaboration and drive better patient outcomes.

80% of serious medical errors involve communication breakdowns.

To reduce door-to-needle time or act quickly on a critical lab result, the right physician needs to receive critical notifications immediately. When the recipient is unavailable, the message should be escalated. PerfectServe’s Dynamic Intelligent Routing is critical because it ensures the right message gets to the right person at the right time—automatically.

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Who Can You Text?

Does your current solution allow you to send a secure text to a physician, nurse, patient, nutritionist, custodian, patient’s family member, and PCP—along with anyone in your organization’s referral network? Keep communication centralized with one HIPAA-compliant solution.

Integrations Power Communication

Not all HIPAA-compliant texting solutions are alike. One big differentiator? Integrations. Accurate provider schedules integrated with a powerful workflow engine ensures providers aren’t woken up in the middle of the night by errant messages when they aren’t on call. EMR integration provides patient lists, and EMR embedded messaging coupled with nurse call integration allows a nurse to respond to patient requests from any location.

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Locations, Locations, Locations

Working in dynamic environments means that healthcare workers need a communication platform that works everywhere, from the ED to the ICU to radiology and beyond. The right solution is cloud-based and supports both clinician-to-clinician and clinician-to-patient connectivity within and outside of the hospital via text, voice, and video. Can’t make it to a patient room? Do a video round instead!

How do you communicate?

Everyone has favorite communication methods—some prefer phone calls, others like text messages. So, why limit contact methods within a communication app? Your solution should offer voice, video, text, and pager functionality. Also critical is support for live wave forms, lab result notifications, code team alerts, mass communication, and EHR embedded messaging.

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Success with PerfectServe

Our clients have improved many clinical outcomes using PerfectServe, but don’t just take our word for it. Ask for our referral list or browse through the client success stories below.

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