Clinical Communication Collaboration

Clinical Collaboration Solution

Streamline Patient Care Delivery

Drive better patient outcomes with the clinical communication solution that simplifies complex workflows to accelerate speed to care.

Prevent Clinical Communication Breakdowns

80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication. Reduce door-to-needle time, act quickly on critical lab results, and auto-escalate critical notifications when needed to best care for your patients.

Clinical Lab Result
Communication Through Integrations

Unify HIPAA-Compliant Communication Through Integrations

Integrating accurate provider schedules with automated routing prevents your providers from being woken up when they are not on call. Integrating with the EMR/EHR and nurse call provides patient lists and allows nurses to respond to patient requests from any location.

Clinical Communication Anywhere on Any Device

Healthcare workers need a collaboration platform that works everywhere—from the ED to the ICU, radiology, and beyond. Our cloud-based solution supports clinician-to-clinician and clinician-to-patient communication inside and outside the hospital via secure text, voice, and video.

Can’t make it to a patient room? Do a video round instead!


Communication Preferences for Clinicians

Increase collaboration efficiency by allowing clinicians to set their preferences for voice, video, text, and even pager communication. PerfectServe also supports live wave forms, lab result notifications, code team alerts, mass communication, and EHR embedded messaging.

Improve Clinical Outcomes With PerfectServe

“PerfectServe has improved our clinical response time, ensured HIPAA-compliant communication, and saved money by converting variable expenses to a lower, fixed cost.”

Ryan Bowcut, Executive Director of Operations, Piedmont Healthcare

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