What custom reports does PerfectServe provide?

Simply by requesting any desired reports, custom queries can be conducted by a dedicated account manager. PerfectServe is also able to include call schedule detail into reports. Frequently requested reports include Emergency Department (ED) Service Call report, Hours On Call Activity report, Hours on Call Summary report, On-Call Schedule History report and PHI Filter Audit Report.

What are the schedule interface and management capabilities?

PerfectServe provides considerable flexibility for configuring and managing schedules. During implementation, all schedules are obtained from each practice and incorporated into the tailored Dynamic Intelligent Routing algorithm. This removes the need for any individual to find and refer to a schedule—wherever it may be kept—when attempting to identify the correct physician/practitioner to contact. Post implementation, when changes to schedules occur, PerfectServe provides an intuitive interface to allow office staff to easily and quickly make modifications.

What if our nursing staff do not use smartphones?

PerfectServe is able to expedite care team collaboration using the care team web application alone—device independent—or using the web and legacy VoIP devices. Since PerfectServe has the unique capability to integrate with legacy VoIP phone devices, notification with the secure message in its entirety can be delivered to these devices while the care team member is mobile providing care. Because of this ability to enable a flexible device strategy, PerfectServe does not force a healthcare organization to prematurely move forward with a smart device purchase for nurses or the broader care team. Thus, allowing the care team smart device market to mature.


How does the automated escalation capability work?

PerfectServe has two core escalation capabilities. First, notification escalation processes can notify the recipient of unacknowledged messages, and can be sent to multiple devices or end points simultaneously or in succession. Second, PerfectServe provides a backup escalation process to copy messages to other users if unacknowledged by previous recipients within a designated time frame. PerfectServe also has the ability to hold messages for future delivery.

What value will PerfectServe bring our IT staff?

Only PerfectServe provides a single, secure unified communication architecture purpose-built to transcend geographic and organizational barriers to drive collaboration across all stakeholders (including the patient) across all care settings, inpatient, outpatient and post-acute facilities. Only PerfectServe can address more needs and problems across every area of care and stakeholder group while simplifying and standardizing communication applications, technologies and vendors; ensure high adoption to increase HIPAA compliance; support of a flexible mobile device strategy across any modality (e.g., secure text, voice call, voice message, pager, mobile app and web app; and deliver products as a hosted service without on-site hardware or software and required associated maintenance.


What value will PerfectServe bring our nursing staff?

PerfectServe facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among all care team members, across all care settings, because it provides nurses with the ability to easily identify and immediately connect with the right person for any given clinical situation. By eliminating the non-value-add activity associated with searching for whom to contact and how to do so, extended waiting for returned pages/calls and erroneously calling the wrong physician or other care team members, PerfectServe is able to ease the workload of the nurse and increase care team efficiency and productivity. Consequently, PerfectServe is proven to reduce communication cycle times resulting in eliminated care delays, faster care response time, decreased patient wait time, enhanced patient experience, expedited patient transitions and increased direct care time.


What value will PerfectServe bring our physician staff?

PerfectServe protects physician and other practitioners’ time by ensuring that only the communications that are relevant to them and require their action are received, so they are not bombarded by erroneous and immaterial phone calls and messages from colleagues and care team members. Further, PerfectServe eliminates unnecessary interruptions, lost and delayed messages; facilitates more direct connection collaboration among physician colleagues and team-based care members; enables more efficient care coordination under alternate/episode-based (bundles, MACRA) payment models; and enhances the quality of care by enabling your physicians to speed time to treatment.

Who can access providers’ personal contact information?

When using PerfectServe, all numbers are hidden. Personal information received from participating clinicians is protected.

Physicians can take or make patient calls from any phone. As long as a physician returns or makes calls through the PerfectServe app, his/her privacy is maintained. Patients or other recipients see the physician office number instead of the personal cell phone number or home number. This capability also overcomes caller ID block.