What is PerfectServe’s approach to project implementation and training?

PerfectServe’s Professional Services team is committed to delivering a successful implementation fostered by a holistic approach based on PMI implementation standards. We have experienced technical and clinical consultants who work closely with you to understand your patient-care workflow needs, including knowledgeable, experienced nurses who work in cooperation with clinical leaders to ensure the solution drives attainment of identified patient care initiatives, and technical experts who work directly with each physician group to build personalized algorithms to accelerate and sustain high adoption and process improvement.

What custom reports does PerfectServe provide?

Simply by requesting any desired reports, custom queries can be conducted by a dedicated account manager. PerfectServe is also able to include call schedule detail into reports. Frequently requested reports include Emergency Department (ED) Service Call report, Hours On Call Activity report, Hours on Call Summary report, On-Call Schedule History report and PHI Filter Audit Report.

What are the schedule interface and management capabilities?

PerfectServe provides considerable flexibility for configuring and managing schedules. During implementation, all schedules are obtained from each practice and incorporated into the tailored Dynamic Intelligent Routing algorithm. This removes the need for any individual to find and refer to a schedule—wherever it may be kept—when attempting to identify the correct physician/practitioner to contact. Post implementation, when changes to schedules occur, PerfectServe provides an intuitive interface to allow office staff to easily and quickly make modifications.

What makes PerfectServe different?

PerfectServe differs from all secure messaging/communication platforms with it’s proprietary Dynamic Intelligent Routing™ technology, which automatically identifies and provides immediate connection to the right care team member for any given clinical situation. With every communication that occurs, PerfectServe analyzes the combination of real-time situational variables to ensure that the communication is delivered to the right physician or nurse or other care team member for the particular clinical situation at hand. This capability eliminates the need to search and struggle to find this information only to call the wrong person. By doing this, PerfectServe facilitates communication-driven workflows that enable time-sensitive, collaborative care delivery. Our cloud-based architecture is the only platform purposefully designed to transcend geographic and organizational barriers within healthcare to drive collaboration among all stakeholders and across all care settings. Our experienced technical and clinical consultants work closely with you to understand your patient-care workflow needs and to customize the solution to best meet those needs.

PerfectServe provides patient-centered real-time identification and access to the patient’s active care team. Any care team member responsible for providing care to the patient at that moment in time is listed and can easily be contacted in a single click.

PerfectServe has proven high-value integrations including the ability to leverage the data in the EHR and other applications to ensure that the information is delivered to the right care team member who needs it at that particular time. Moreover, PerfectServe is able to integrate with legacy VoIP phone devices, optimizing this substantial investment by sending secure text messages, generated with a smart device or the web application, directly to the VoIP device. In this way, care team members can immediately be apprised of a new message when mobile and providing care.

How can you set up automatic routing?

PerfectServe purposefully built a platform that removes the hassle clinicians face every day when trying to connect with other care team members. It’s proven across 165 hospitals and 25,000 practices and post-acute care organizations. We seamlessly manage communication among more than 400,000 clinicians every day. Read what our customers have to say.

Who can access providers’ personal contact information?

When using PerfectServe, all numbers are hidden. Personal information received from participating clinicians is protected.

Physicians can take or make patient calls from any phone. As long as a physician returns or makes calls through the PerfectServe app, his/her privacy is maintained. Patients or other recipients see the physician office number instead of the personal cell phone number or home number. This capability also overcomes caller ID block.

Is PerfectServe HIPAA-compliant?

While there’s no such thing as a HIPAA-compliant app, PerfectServe is a comprehensive, secure platform that enables you to implement an effective HIPAA-compliant communications strategy across your organization.

How much does it cost?

It depends! As an integrated system of applications, PerfectServe is a platform tailored to your clinical objectives. We build for your organization’s goals, so pricing is determined by the application modules you need and the size of your organization. Check out our licensing.

Will I have to use a special device to use PerfectServe?

No. PerfectServe works on your legacy devices, smartphones, VoIP and landline phones, desktops, and even pagers. No special devices are required.

Is PerfectServe a texting app?

PerfectServe is more than just texting. Yes, our software and app deliver text messages to the care team. But we go beyond secure messaging to make sure your messages get to the correct clinician for the situation, even if you’re not sure exactly who that is at that moment. PerfectServe also escalates messages that are not answered automatically, so you don’t have to worry that your communications aren’t being received.