24/7 bi-lingual answering service with voice-to-text transcription

Increase staff satisfaction, improve patient experience and reduce overhead costs with PerfectServe’s automated answering service replacement with bi-lingual voice-to-text functionality.

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English and Spanish transcription

PerfectServe’s answering service features bi-lingual live text agents to transcribe messages in English or Spanish.

Never miss a patient’s message again

PerfectServe’s answering service is fully automated and eliminates the opportunity for human error, so you never have to worry about missing critical patient messages or consult requests.

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Non-urgent messages get delayed until business hours

PerfectServe uses your call schedule and each physician’s notification preferences to determine when a physician receives messages.

After hours, all non-urgent notifications are delayed until the next working day, so your physicians never have to worry about being interrupted with routine notifications during their time off.

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PerfectServe’s medical answering service replacement includes:

  • 30-day risk free trial
  • After-hours or 24/7 automated call and message routing
  • Flat monthly rates with no hidden fees
  • No increase during holidays
  • HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging
  • Direct patient messages to on-call provider’s smartphone
  • Masked physician callback number and more!

“I can’t say enough about how easy and enjoyable PerfectServe is to work with.”

Cara Bertone

Practice Manager, Southwest Cancer Center

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