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Eliminate missed calls, stop annoying interruptions, and maintain your personal privacy with PerfectServe’s automated medical answering service.

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Never miss an important call again

Sometimes human-operated answering services make mistakes, causing frustration for patients and staff.

With PerfectServe, every call is fully automated based on your pre-determined workflow, so you don’t have to worry about your patients’ important messages or consult requests going missing.

See all your messages in one application

PerfectServe removes the need for an answering service middleman. At any time, you can receive messages directly from patients on your smartphone, quickly and easily in the PerfectServe app.

You no longer have to juggle multiple apps and passwords. We help you get back to what you do best – caring for patients.

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See how Southwest Cancer Center boosted their patient and physician satisfaction, while also reducing cost.

Non-urgent messages get delayed until business hours

Based on your team’s unique schedule and and individual notification preferences, PerfectServe’s routing automatically determines when and who receives each message.

After hours, all messages are routed according to priority, so non-urgent communications are delayed until the next working day. No more unimportant interruptions during off-hours!

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PerfectServe’s answering service replacement includes:

  • After-hours or 24/7 automated call and message routing
  • Flat monthly rates with no hidden fees
  • HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging
  • Direct patient messages to on-call provider’s smartphone
  • Masked physician callback number and more!

“PerfectServe has eliminated the confusion and stress of reaching the correct on-call provider, while reducing the time it takes to address patient care needs.”

Dr. Scott Neeley

Vice President of Medical Affairs, St. Joseph’s Medical Center

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