Mobile Device Strategy white paper thumbnail

Getting it right: Plan and implement a mobile device strategy that works

The incorporation of mobile devices into standard communication workflows in most health systems typically starts as a bottom-up effort by physicians and user groups who...

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Care Transition White Paper

A nurse’s guide for successful care transition and handoff communication

“In its simplest form, ‘care transition’ is defined as a hospital discharge or movement from one hospital care setting to another. The risk that readmissions...

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HIPAA Regulation White Paper Thumbnail

HIPAA regulation: The challenge of integrating compliance and patient care

The expansion of communication technology within healthcare organizations involves great promise and great risk. Keeping information flowing and the right people connected at the right...

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Care team communication and culture change

Communication and culture: The driving forces of change

As health systems struggle to anticipate and react to ongoing changes in the industry, the inability to connect people, technologies and objectives is emerging as...

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HIPAA compliant texting white paper

Clarifying the confusion about HIPAA-compliant texting

In today’s enhanced HIPAA enforcement environment, addressing information security is a top-of-mind concern for many healthcare leaders. The growing use of mobile devices in the...

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