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Integrations on mobile

Put time back on your side

Dynamic Intelligent Routing® removes the stress of time-wasting inefficiencies.

No more tracking down the right physician. No more searching for the right care team member. No more missed calls or delayed messages. No more unwelcome interruptions.

  • Automatically identify and immediately connect with the right care team member for any clinical situation
  • Modify call schedules and routing preferences on the fly
  • Determine where, when and how you want to be reached

Integrations on mobile
mobile communication

Communicate without boundaries

Enables clinicians to connect across all care settings. Provides the communications infrastructure needed to support value-based care.

  • Single, secure, cloud-based architecture
  • Not limited by geography, facility or organization
  • Works across all communication devices you use today – including smartphones, Web, VoIP and landline phones, and pagers

perfectserve application

Get everything you need

PerfectServe® offers the industry’s broadest integrated suite of inpatient and outpatient applications that can scale across your entire enterprise.

  • No limits on number of users
  • No limits on volume of communications exchanged
  • Integrates with your EMR and other point solutions via HL7 or API interface

perfectserve application

Dr. Matthew Denenberg
Vice President of Medical Affairs

Spectrum Health System

Grand Rapids, MI

“PerfectServe provides standard workflows across a hospital system for instant communication that significantly increases patient safety by decreasing long delays in communicating with physicians.”Read the story


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