The Connected Clinician

April 14, 2014
Earlier this month, I attended the American Medical Group Associations’ annual meeting. I left the event sure of one thing: there’s a power shift happening in healthcare, and companies need to learn how to adapt.
Posted By Tom Hills
March 24, 2014
Clinician exhaustion occurs far more than the average person may think, and there is a growing amount of research pointing to the increasing amount of stress and burnout and its negative impact on clinician lives and performance.
Posted By Alan H. Rosenstein, MD, MBA
March 17, 2014
Before the age of rapidly advancing technology, the only way a nurse could get a needed physician order was to try to get in touch with the doctor directly through a variety of means. Depending upon the urgency, this could mean anything from leaving a note on the chart, calling the office and waiting for a call back, leaving a message on his voice mail, or waiting to find him on rounds. Notes and messages could be left open for interpretation, and as a result of these processes delays in communication and care decisions were often noted.
Posted By Benita Utz, VP/Associate Chief Nursing Officer at St. Elizabeth Healthcare


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